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tatanka TATA

Take it easy, how does it work Currency name: Tatanka Currency Symbol: TATA Network: Bep20 Number of coins: 22 million Initial currency distribution: 60% sales to the community 40% remain in the hands of the developer All liquidity is locked for half a year Which leaves the security in the currency In-network transfer / buy / sell fee - 10% Distribution of commissions - 50% distribution among all currency holders according to size of holdings - will be paid in Btc! 50% for community wallet, community development and the uses of the currency in community consent Bitcoin will be received automatically Just need to add the corrected number how does it happen? Tatanka coins are purchased - 10 percent of the purchase is purchased btc which is distributed to all Tatanka coin holders And after we have dug, we will move on to the artistic part, where you are more than welcome to take an active part and influence and through the currency and the community, to ask, offer, enlighten, and pass criticism (within the bounds of good taste) And on a personal note, this is an invitation mostly to decide. Decide if you are one of those who cook the porridge and make sure it is tasty or those who just say they ate it and that the porridge is not that tasty. A day-to-day struggle that the community wins easily and alone only a few can.

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November 11, 2021

Shlomo cohen

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