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oracle capital OC

Oracle Capital is poised to lead a DeFi revolution with ASaaS system, a new financial protocol that simplifies staking and provides $OC token holders with the highest stable returns in crypto. Oracle Capital is a AutoStaking-as-a-Service (”ASaaS”) platform on Binance Smart Chain Network or usually we called it as (BEP20) chains which yield staking on behalf of $OC investors. Oracle Capital has its own native token, which is denoted by the symbol $OC. What is OC Token? $OC is a BEP20 Token with an elastic supply which rewards its holders with a positive rebase formula, thus creating the first Auto-Staking-as-a-Service Protocol and Auto-Compounding token gives $OC token holders the highest stable returns in crypto Defi3.0. With Reflection BUSD features it will help to increase income to $OC Holders. What are the Features of Oracle Capital? -Auto-Staking-as-a-Service (ASaaS Protocol) & Auto Compounding. -Halving Mechanism by each epoch setup like bitcoin halving system. -Rebase System with Elastic Supply. -Capital-Insurance-Fund (CIF) to stabilize the risk downward. -Oracle Treasury Fund (OCT) for stabilize the project growth. -Stable APY with Compounding system. -Taxation for development & improvement of the project. -Reflections rewards in BUSD (stablecoin). -Referral & Rebate system for affiliate & investor. What make Oracle Capital different from competitor? Oracle Capital is introducing ASaaS (AutoStaking-as-a-Service), a new protocol that aims to create a new decentralized model in the DeFi space. Rather than creating a large Treasury, the ASaaS protocol deposits the value generated by the project into the wallets of $OC holders. This approach provides immediate value to token holders while also cultivating an engaged community interested in seeing the project t

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June 20, 2022


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