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luckybabycake LBC

LuckyBabyCake - Automatic CAKE Reward and Lottery Mechanism Token 🚀DIVIDEND YIELD PAID and LOTTERY REWARDS 🚀 ⭐️Automatic CAKE Reward: Simply hold $LuckyBabyCake and get $CAKE reward automatically to your wallet. Certain amount of tokens holded are required. ⭐️Lottery Mechanism: By trading the $LuckyBabyCake, you'll get a lotto ticket to enter the lottery raffle to win the JACKPOT. To ensure fairness, enough tokens holded is required for winning $LuckyBabyCake and each transaction's token amount should meet the requirement for a lottery ticket. ⭐️Anti-Robot: Blacklist mechanism is set up for block robots to sell or transfer tokens. ⭐️Anti-Whale: Every transaction amount percent cant be greater than 10% of the total circulation.

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August 11, 2021


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