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kakafootbal KABA

KABA (kakafootball) Football NFT and sports guessing Gamefi platform, super ecological support, multiple capital assistance, Bakeryswap ecological preferred project. Total 100 billion 40% Create flow pools 60% into black hole destruction ️ Kaba Token Economics: Kakafootball is a GameFi platform for football NFT and sports guessing on the Bentain smart chain. Kaba is the only token token on the platform, Meme token driven by the community and issued fairly, no team distribution, 100% decentralized capital pool, LP permanent lock, contract key owned by no one.KABA is used for payment within the platform, such as limited NFT blind box purchase of European Cup, tournament score guessing and so on.After the launch of Kakaswap and Kakagame, Kaba will become a platform currency. The nine mechanisms of KABA: ★100% decentralization ★ extreme deflation ★NFT ecology ★ sports competition ★ Europe Cup plate ★ permanent lock LP★ manual destruction ★ automatic LP★ to prevent smash ★ 100% decentralized: Full community-driven fair distribution of MeMe tokens, no team allocation, 100% decentralized pool, LP permanent lock. Extreme deflation: Each transaction costs 10%, of which 4% is used for reallocation to KABA holders, 2% for team operations, 4% for automatic LP lock-in (2% is automatically sold as BNB and 2% is added to the working capital pool with the sold BNB group LP).

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June 11, 2021


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