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iRent IRE

iRent Group is excited to launch the first crypto platform for tenants and landlords that will transform classic leases into smart contracts. These smart contracts can be purchased by investors in the form of an investment for a fixed period (6 or 12 months) with an interest rate of 10% per contract. Check out our whitepaper to learn more! Tenants Book your accommodation for long term by paying just 1 month upfront. Each contract will have 6 or 12 months length with possibility of renewal. No security deposit required and 0% commision. Landlords Thanks to BSC Smart Contract, Landlords are now eligible to receive the entire amount of the rental agreement 24 hours after Tenants are moving in the accommodation, instead of collecting it monthly. For this service, Landlord will be charged a commision of 15%. 10% will represent the Investor revenue and 5% will represent iRent commission. Investors Investors have the opportunity to invest in IRE Smart Contracts that are created once an accommodation is listed on iRent platform. For every Smart Contract purchased, the Investor will get 10% revenue back. Investment period: 6 or 12 months.




August 11, 2021


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