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The iLayer token will be the first project on the iLayer ecosystem and will have a 5% Buy-back tax on each transaction which will be locked in the contract and be used to allow buy-back of some of the tokens whenever a sell occurs. The iLayer team specifically chose the buy-back concept and not the BNB rewards or autonomous token yield for the iLayer token because we believe it will be the most beneficial to the community and will allow long term growth. With the massive taxes being paid into iLayer by the ecosystem, 21% by phase 3, one can image how large the iLayer buy-back power will become, unlike other buy-back tokens who have a limited amount being generated for their buy-back wallet. On top of the 5% buy-back, there will also be a 4% tax of every transaction which will be redistributed to every holder, thereby increasing every holders wallet without staking. A 2% tax will also apply for the marketing wallet which will allow the team to continue an ongoing and sustained marketing campaign.

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August 13, 2021


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