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getADAhere GADAH

💎PANIC SELLERS GET OUT OF HERE, HODLERS GET ADA HERE💎 Welcome to getADAhere! Simply hold $GADAH and the auto claim feature rewards you with 8% of Cardano ($ADA) . Rewards get automatically sent into your wallet. The rewards you will be getting depend on the trading volume and the amount of $GADAH you are holding in your wallet. If you're following Crypto right now, then you know Cardano is trending right now and one of the most popular tokens! This is the reason $ADA are the rewards all holders will get. Join the community and together we will moon! ⚡️ Tokenomics 💎 Total Supply - 1,000,000,000 $GADAH Liquidity – 950 000 000 (95%) Marketing/ADA Giveaway Wallet – 50 000 000 (5%) ❌NO DEV WALLETS 🟢Buy and Sell Fees🔴 •Cardano ($ADA) Rewards – 8% •Liquidity – 4% •Marketing - 2% •Total Fees – 14% ✅3% MAX WALLET ✅1.5% MAX BUY/SELL PANIC SELLERS GET OUT OF HERE, HODLERS GET ADA HERE.

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August 31, 2021


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