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eSwapping ESWAP

eSwap: BSC Only Functioning Limit Order Bot with Stop-Loss, Infinite Buy/Sell, DCA, sniper, and more. Own swap and bridges with other networks and launchpad in development. The floor just raised to $2.5 from $0,5 in three weeks. Limit order bot (just hold 100 or 300 tokens, no extra fees): - Stop Loss Function - Automatically executes txs (sleep in peace at night in the BSC gold rush from now on) - Infinite Buy/Sell for premium users - Moonbag - DCA - Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Free price checking bot that updates every 1.5 secs. Superactive Github Fully-doxxed Devs. Total Supply: 926,038 tokens Circulating Supply 786,738 tokens ATH: $3.70.

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March 30, 2021


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