Coins: 16,614
Votes: 118,073,977
Market Cap: $2,135,487,153,379,759
Yesterday Winner 2 Pulse Protocol
Trending Winner 2 Marvin Inu


Why autoPay? - Automated Rewards: Earn rewards as any BSC token for holding $autoPay tokens. The earned reward currency will be determined by the autoPay community and will be active for 48 hours after the current Telegram poll ends. 7% of every transaction will be collected as $autoPay tokens and liquidated automatically to buy the reward token which will be distributed to holders. - Automated LP Burn: Our contract increases the LP automatically by turning tokens collected from the taxes to LP tokens. The newly created LP tokens are being sent to the burn address afterwards. 3% of every transaction will be collected as $autoPay tokens and turned to LP tokens to proceed with the LP burns. - Charity donations: We will make an instant donation of 20 BNB to a community chosen Binance charity project for each 1 Million USD market cap milestone we hit. Donations will be made only once per market cap milestone hit - so if we would drop below a milestone market cap and hit it again, the

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July 31, 2021


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