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Zuzumuzi ZUZU

Here at Zuzumuzi we offer 100% transparency to our users. We are constantly evolving our project to meet the needs of the community as well as providing to charitable projects around the world. Zuzumuzi is taking the next step to fix one of the largest issues our world faces, homelessness. There are 552 million homeless in just the United States and 1.6 billion that lack proper housing worldwide. This is a huge epicdemic that is mostly ignored. We are here to change that. Zuzumuzi is a token built on the binance smart chain built to donate money to housing charities. We will be making many changes along the way, but plan to end up with a charity of our own building shelter for the shelterless. Join us along our journey to try to end homelessness world wide as a community.




July 9, 2021


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