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Zeropay Finance ZEROPAY

ZEROPAY is an open payment system for every main agent of economic systems such as E commerce, business owner, finance company, retail shop, Distribution Company, and fin-tech Company. ZeroPay Finance achieves the decentralization of payment Networks by integrating with decentralizing Cryptocurrency wallets, deploying decentralized Technical structures, along with relevant operation And governance mechanisms. Zeropay Crypto Cards - The zero pay card allows users to spend their cryptocurrency balance on the zero pay wallet with ease by paying at any supported payment point or withdrawing at supported ATMs worldwide, as conveniently as local currency is used today. ZERO CARD ISSUE CHARGES ZERO YEARLY FEE NO HIDDEN CHARGES/TAXES EASY TO USE whitepaper 👉 Website 👉 Twitter 👉 Telegram chat 👉 Medium 👉

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September 20, 2021


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