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Zebulun ZBL

Zebulun, Elon's Father (ZBL) is a BUSD Reward token (rewards every hour) with 5% of the taxes dedicated to reward the holders. To assure a fair distribution of the tokens and avoid people to hardly dump the price, we have hardcoded max wallet of 1%. We will have antibot measures to ensure fairness at launch and we will lock the liquidity right after the launch. We launch Saturday 22th January - 20h UTC, no presales and antibot mechanisms to avoid to be rekt by the bots ! SECURITY ✅Anti-Whale Mechanism ✅Anti-Bot Protocol ✅Liquidity 🔒 (1 week at launch and we will extend it after 6 days). Elon, son of Zebulun takes the stage and creates the largest company in the world from dust. The messenger of God attains worldwide fame and is revered by people for his innovative ideas and extraordinary spirit. Zebulun Token is meant to tell this story from the very beginning and present it in vivid NFT pictures. Go check our website for the whole story.

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January 29, 2022