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Yorkie Token YORKIE

Yorkie is the most important Community Drive Meme Token in the Binance Smart Chain. Every transaction automatically contributes to burned liquidity, ensuring our members can always sell their Yorkie whenever they please. Burned automatically constantly pushing the price forward. Yorkie is inherently deflationary. By holding Yorkie in your wallet you will receive your cut of 3% on every transaction. Passive income earned while you sleep. Why choose $Yorkie Funds are SAFU YORKIE is developed by beloved Crypto Developer CodeWithJoe from Youtube ⚡️ Liquidity is locked and cannot be rugged. TechRate Audit already applied. 👏 It is all about the Yorkiers DOGE runs in its blockchain and SHIBA INU runs in Ethereum. It is time the BSC has its own community driven token. The BSC allows very cheap and fast transactions, empowered by crypto giant Binance.

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May 9, 2021


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