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Yizzly (YZZY) is a cryptocurrency, deployed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC BEP-20) Yizzly coin (YZZY) is unique in its distribution. Yizzly coin will serve its users with four economic functions: (1) a medium of exchange, (2) a store of value, (3) a unit of account, and (4) a method of payment. Yizzly coin possesses the 10 characteristics that all good money should have: (1) it is durable, (2) it is portable, (3) it is divisible, (4) it is uniform, (5) it is limited supply, (6) is it acceptable, (7) it is liquid, (8) it is resistant to counterfeiting, (9) it is Legal tender, and (10) it is a unit of account. Yizzly blockchain technology will be used as a medium of exchange to facilitate the sale, purchase, or trade of goods and services between other members on Yizzly.com. Yizzly.com is a social utility that helps you meet people with your same interests. People of all genders, all orientations, all colors, all religions, all cultures, all ages, all sizes, and all abilities.


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October 6, 2021


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