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Yeetcoin YEET

Yeetcoin DeFi and Social Money project is a S-Corp company led project. Yeetcoin (YEET) is a BEP20 solidity smart contract housed within the Binance Smart Chain. YEET is a reflective altcoin/memecoin with a 10% auto tax programmed into the contract code that is enabled whenever Yeetcoin is transacted whether it be buying or selling against BSC BinanceCoin (BNB). 5% is a liquidity fee that re-distributes to the Yeetcoin-BNB LP (Liquidity Pool). The other 5% reflects in distribution to all Yeetcoin holders based on the amount of Yeetcoin owned in wallet holdings (Yield Farming Protocol). The scaling end products of the Yeetcoin DeFi and Social Money project is outlined within the roadmap for YeetSwap DEX, YeetSlots proverbially fair dapp game, along with scaling to a bridged BEP8 Yeetcoin upon the Binance MainNet, StableYeet (YUSD) $1 pegged stablecoin backed by a basket of BNB, BUSD and Yeetcoin.

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June 30, 2021


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