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YOUWHO is a Crypto Based On-Demand Services Platform, with the main mission of ending global unemployment (or at least trying to make a big dent in it!) by harnessing the power of cryptocurrencies. We want to give everyone in the world a chance to make a living using the skills they possess, and offer their services to the world. Particularly in these tough times a lot of people have either lost their job, been furloughed, or many want to make additional income or become self-employed completely. We want to build a platform whereby anyone can offer their services to anyone else in the world, and payments are facilitated by cryptocurrencies. For instance a user in Cambodia could get a second opinion from a Doctor in Europe, or another user in China might want to hire an interior designer from Italy, or on a local level a user may urgently need a nearby mechanic to help start their car. The possibilities are endless as we are connecting service providers to customers in a peer to peer manner. We are very passionate about this project and feel it could really be helpful to the everyday person especially in these crazy times, and is a perfect use case for cryptocurrencies.

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March 24, 2022


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