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XcelDefi XLD

XcelDefi is an ecosystem powered by XcelLabs that aims to become the world’s first comprehensive DeFi ecosystem by developing a chain of digital products spanning multiple sectors, backed by $XLD, a community-driven token and leveraging blockchain technology to do so. XcelDefi aims to seamlessly integrate DeFi with other sectors, creating more use-cases and setting the standards for the next generation of DeFi products in the process. XcelDefi has the potential to be a gamechanger, and it could be precisely what DeFi needs to capitalise on the “DeFi boom” of the last two years. Features Built on Binance Smart Chain Governance Token for XcelSwap(DEX) Largest use case in Travel, E-commerce and Payment Industry Created to Disrupt Traditional Financial System( Total Supply- 111,000,000 Website: Telegram: Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Whitepapper:

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July 22, 2021


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