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As you already know, we will create our own Crypto Exchange and as you know, the NCE token will be the basis. The team that prepares the whole surface for us has raised a proposal. Which is to create a second token. This would be necessary, in their view, because the current NCE 10 million would prove to be insufficient even for a medium level of traffic.The development team has set the example that the main pillar of binance is the BNB and they also have different trades with the WBNB. (e.g. pancakeswap shifts). In their opinion, we would like one of these on our stock market. The team we work with has made several stock exchanges. Therefore, we listen to them and create the WNCE token. But we wanted to have some motivating power in it that it's worth buying too, so it will give you a 7% reward on transactions. In the first round, as long as the stock market is up for grabs, you can vote on what kind of reward to give. BUSD or BNB or USDT. As soon as the stock market is ready, it will then give a NCE token as a reward. Here's what you need to know about it: Token number: 1,000,000,000 Fee: 17% - 7% Reward - 9% Equity fund for the stock market - 1% auto LP

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September 16, 2021


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