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WORTHLESS ($WTH) @WorthlessToken - Why Lie?  It is worthless! There is absolutely no value in the Worthless Token ($WTH).  Creators of $WTH aren't twins that matriculated at one of the Ivy League schools. This is so worthless the creators didn't even bother making it a coin. Worthless was tokenized as a "utility token" with a purpose of "reputation and reward". Website: Merch: Liquidity: Worthless Contract: 0x1C3CcbcdaD2c21e577E8E21a00B881971A854459 How to swap/buy Worthless $WTH. 1. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap. ( 2. Choose the tokens you wish to exchange. $BNB for $WTH (Worthless Contract: 0x1C3CcbcdaD2c21e577E8E21a00B881971A854459) 3. Review settings. 4. Swap! #WorthlessAd #WorthlessWarriors #WorthlessToken #Worthless #IntoTheToilet

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May 12, 2021


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