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World Peace Token

World Peace Token the Amazon of Cryptocurrency. World Peace Token believes that saving the world doesn’t stop at one cause. Through the use of DiFi technologies, World Peace Token aims to solve multiple world problems. From people starving from lack of food and water, doge shelters, ocean restoration, planting trees, or even cute kittens. World Peace Token will make handsome donations to these causes and many more. Where do you come in? We believe that every investor should have a voice and a vote. Every other week investors will be able to voice what charities that the money is allocated to. The top 4 charities of that week, will be voted on by the token holders, and the top charity with the most votes will be donated to for that week. However, this is just start. We believe that our investors also deserve peace of mind and prosperity. That is why we offer a lottery system. Every month a randomly selected share holder, will receive a large pool of tokens/money/vacation to their desired destination. That’s right, just from holding this coin you can have a chance to receive great rewards. (Picture of palm trees or something in that breath) Our Ambitions do not stop there. We are setting out to bring crypto transactions to online retailers and brick and mortar stores. Stores are becoming outdated and losing customers due to companies such as Amazon having a monopoly. Crypto as a whole faces the challenge of having real life utility. By allowing stores to partner with out Exchange platform, and accepting cryptocurrency as payment. We will revitalize stores, and also spread positive awareness of cryptocurrency. The possibilities and future growth are endless. Static Rewards World Peace rewards systems allows investors that plan to hold, constant rewards. The mo

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August 8, 2021


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