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Wolf of Wallet WOWA

The Wolf of Wallet (WOWA) is here! WOWA is a meme crypto token and was inspired by the movie „The Wolf of Wallstreet“ and is considered a kind of parody. We know that trading coins or tokens follow one goal – wealth. For this reason, the token „Wolf of Wallet“ was launched on 11/16/2021 and its purpose is to act as a profit token together with fun, humor and sensuality. We refer to our community as „wolves“ who, similar to the movie, want to make a big profit from a small stake. Our token has a limited number, so inflation is impossible. If you missed the boat on Bitcoins or Dogecoin, we offer something new. ‚We are honest and open about our token and want to displace all others. To do this, we need a strong wolf pack that will join forces to push all other coins and tokens out of the market.




November 16, 2021


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