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Wish Doge Dragon WISHDOGE

This is a story about Dintoshi Songkamoto, a crypto trader who was tired of not making real money from all the newly listed Defi coins. One day, he stumbled upon a magic teapot and met a magical dragon. "I am Wish Doge Dragon. I have not been summoned for 10,000 years and will grant you 3 wishes.” Dintoshi responded, “Can you please create a token to benefit all of crypto-kind?” Wish Doge said, "The perfect token will cost you 3 wishes: Wish #1 - 🤑 Gifts of Riches 8.8% of every transaction is spread back to all diamond hand $WISHDOGE holders, sent out automatically every hour in the form of fresh BNB. Wish #2 - 🔥 Auto Boost 3% of every transaction is transformed, burned and used for buy back automatically and helps create a stable price floor. Wish #3 - 💎✋ Diamond Hand Incentives An additional 3% taxes to all sellers and a limit of 0.1% of anti-whale dumping." "May you earn fortunes into eternity," said Wish Doge Dragon as he created this coin and went back into the pot for another 10,000 years! 🧞‍♀️

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June 19, 2021

Wish Doge Dragon

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