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Whale Killer Token WHKLR

Whale Killer's Special and Unique Mission: If you have not already noticed, the crypto market is currently in the midst of a "Meme Coin Frenzy". Many meme tokens are popping up, especially on the Binance Smart Chain because of the fact that BSC tokens are traded without the high and unreasonable gas fees. Meme tokens of late have been making many investors absolute fortunes practically overnight. Everyone who has ever invested in any cryptocurrency project has experienced the challenges of whale investors. They join the project and invest large sums of money. When they invest, the price moves up and at times even explodes. When this happens, it's a great experience if you were able to get in before them. However, the down side always comes back with a massive selloff. At that time you are left feeling the loss, and often times after a tremendous gain. Whale Killer's mission is to settle the score! We are not saying you will not experience the same dips as well as the ups and downs of price action, like any other crypto token. However, NOW the whales will pay a heavy price and YOU will be the beneficiary!!! Read on below to learn about the one of a kind Tokenomics of Whale Killer. You will soon see this is a very unique token. We cannot eliminate the whale investors. As a matter of fact, we actually invite them. However, this time, you are going to be rewarded for their behavior and they are going to pay the price of that reward. WELCOME TO WHALE KILLER TOKEN!!!

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May 17, 2021


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