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Whale Exploder WHEX

Whale Exploder ($WHEX) is the start of the Whale Exploder ecosystem. Created June 19, 2021, it is a DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain. A portion of the transaction fees get donated to Whale Conservation charities. Tokemonics (6%) 💎 2% sent to a whale charity wallet 💎 2% distribution to holders 💎 2% Automatic liquidity pool on Pancake Swap More information: The Whale Exploder Ecosystem (WHEXcosystem) consists of 1 DeFi token, a set of 4,800 NFTs and a DAO vote token. Our mission is to save the whales one transaction at a time. WHEXy Whales are a 4,800 NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. Created April 29, 2022 (initially on Polygon)They function as both a Profile Pic collection and as a way to earn passive income of WHEX via a portion mint proceeds and royalties shared among holders. They also generate income from mint proceeds and royalties for Whale Conservation charities. Additionally, the distribution of DAO vote tokens is tied to these 4800 NFTs. The WHEXcosystem DAO ($WHEXDAO) token was created May 12, 2022. It is used to make decisions on the future of the WHEXcosystem via blockchain vote. Each round of voting, each WHEXy Whale is airdropped 1 voting token.

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