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Weedz. We want you to arrive at the moon in a different way and we are not talking about a rocketship either. We want you to either be token Weedz or have the token Weedz. We want everyone to have the opportunity to obtain their own Weedz and not have the authorities break down your door by the amount of quantity you might have acquired. We want to introduce a no holds barred token to where it holds no boundaries or limits and also be in your face but laid back at the same time. Meme Coins. They are everywhere. 95% of them carry a Dog theme, Moon theme, Body Part theme (with or without sexual reference), Food theme or an Elon theme name. Most are deflationary with yields in which punishes the buyer and seller. Same Meme, different day. We decided it was time to be different. Yes we are another Meme token, not going to piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining outside. We want to go in our own direction and break away though from the usual dog or moon token. We want a distinctive name which is relatable, easy to say, and well you know, well used. We are certainly not going to donate any Weedz to Vitalik either. We are striving to be one of the most laid-back tokens on the planet. It would definitely be considered ‘The Dude’ of tokens. This is a project created for a shot at that person who is sick of being in the Weeds (Where’s my chefs/cooks at) and wants to make a little extra Weedz for themselves. This was created for those who are breaking their backs at work and having a resentment for those sitting home, collecting extra unemployment for themselves. We want to donate to Cannabis Causes in the Future and have the community join us. Keeping it Real.

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May 26, 2021


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