Coins: 28,936
Votes: 172,045,876
Market Cap: $40,099,006,054,781,136
Yesterday Winner 2 Hacienda
Trending Winner 2 RavenX


Weed $HITS is the governance token of the Weed ecosystem. This means that users that hold Weed will be able to cast votes that shape the future of the project. Our ecosystem will consist of (at least) 3 dApps. More dApps might be planned in the future, but the current planned ones are: • A finance dApp, because even though there are some of them around already, we don't want to miss out on the defi market. Which is currently the main market of crypto. • A NFT Marketplace, because everyone loves NFT's even if they don't know it yet! And it's already a big market in crypto aswell. • And finally a dApp for games where you can bet your weed $hits. It's fun and it promotes a volume increase.




August 25, 2021


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