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Wadapay WAPAY

We are Wadaboo, an Argentine company (WADABOO SAS) created in 2017 as a B2B platform to automate and optimize the purchasing processes of companies and entrepreneurs. After 4 years of development, we were finally able to finish the main stage. In addition, we create our own token to be USED by companies within our platform. Our token is a long-term investment because, in addition to trying to include it in centralized exchanges, the expansion of the business in countries such as Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Expaña, and the United States is also in our short objective. ATTENTION: NEW FEATURES (REFLECTIONS) 7% TO LIQUIDITY POOL 3% REWARDS TO HODLERS IDO STAGE ON UNYCRYPT ( 80% AUTOMATED LIQUIDITY)

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August 2, 2021


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