Coins: 26,764
Votes: 156,561,981
Market Cap: $40,100,409,607,246,688 0.00%
Yesterday Winner 2 Metacade
Trending Winner 2 CENT


As Wolf Token, we aim to have a strong place in the Dog ecosystem and to be an up-to-date, new and active meme token. With the different opportunities we provide to users than the other meme tokens, we aim to be known in the international arena and to reach more users by increasing our popularity. We also provide an early investment for the Dog ecosystem, so for investors who have missed an early investment to other meme tokens, we aim to give them opportunities to place in the Dog ecosystem. At this point, we act by stating that our main target is a strong and leading place in the Dog ecosystem, and by planning to provide the best and high-profit investment experience to our users.

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$ 1,914


December 2, 2021

shah bhudhai

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