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"WOC" is the most popular language in China, WOCAO coin, inspired by this. WOC is issued based on the BSC Binance Chain, with a total of 10,000 trillion pieces, 75% of which have entered the black hole, and the transaction fee for buying WOC is only 0.5%! This is a completely decentralized, extremely interesting and energetic community experiment. The community is committed to initially answering people’s long-standing puzzles, spreading Eastern culture, and allowing different civilizations to slowly enter each other’s world. We welcome and accept different opinions. We believe that in the future, the world will be unified, regardless of skin color or race, and Chinese culture can also contribute to the entire world. There is no discrimination between peoples of all countries, and they will understand and understand each other. Tolerance and trust.

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June 4, 2021


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