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Verifyde VFY

What is Verifyde? They are a web based application that provides token owners an easier and safer way to connect with and pay social influencers. How does it work? Once the Verifyde team has 'Verifyde' an influencer - their profile and score will be visible in a rank based leaderboard. From this leaderboard token owners can find and connect with the most suitable influencer / group to promote with. What is the token for? The web platform will only be accessible by VFY token holders - this is an anti-bot mechanism that will ensure fair voting on the scores. Token owners will also be making payments to the influencers using VFY token. Top influencers as voted for by the user base will be eligible for rewards based on their performance rating - also paid in VFY. ✅ Contract audit ✅ Verifyde platform development - 24days ✅ Approaching promoters to join the Verifyde platform ✅ CG Listing ✅ CMC Listing ✅ Weekly airdrops for liquidity providers ✅ Video AMA’s

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June 17, 2021


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