Vegan Token VGN

Buy vegan and get rewarded! We reward you with Vegan Tokens for your real vegan purchases. Proof Of Stake? Proof Of Vegan! How you get rewarded: 50'000 VGN = 1$ vegan shopping = 1 VGN (can be calculated if you own more / less tokens) Example: You own 100'000 VGN and buy vegan products (100$). Your reward amount would be 200 VGN (100'000 : 50'000 * 100) 1. You send us an E-Mail ( with pictures of the vegan products and the bill. You tell us the fiat currency you paid with and your wallet address (where your VGNs are). 2. After the approval we send you the calculated Vegan Tokens to your wallet. Compound: After every reward, your supply grows and you get more rewards after the next purchase! The project started in September 2021. It is a vegan community based project, so you profit the most if you are vegan. buy/sell slippage 8-9%

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September 30, 2021


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