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Valon VLON

Valon🔻 is a Virtual Reality World powered by Unreal Engine where users can own Land & Real Estate. Create Virtual Properties such as Apartments, Buildings, Arenas, Commercial Shopping Centers and Transform them into unique NFT’s VALON ECONOMY Valon token wraps together Blockchain and VR seamlessly. It functions as a fuel for our Virtual World and a reward for investors DEX Valon Decentralized Exchange is the core of our DeFi structure. Provide liquidity, stake & earn! NFT MARKETPLACE The virtual worlds & goods created by users can be sold as NFT's in our unique marketplace VIRTUAL REALITY Customize, get creative and socialize in the Valon World Powered by PlayCanvas, bringing you the most authentic VR experience Valon Project BSC - Choose The Best ✅ 2x Audits ✅ KYC ✅ Market leading graphics

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March 31, 2022