Coins: 26,828
Votes: 157,610,613
Market Cap: $40,100,419,625,535,752
Yesterday Winner 2 Metacade
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Utopia Plaza Ltd UTPZ

Utopia Plaza Ltd is creating a safe place for investors. They will have all their needs in one place and know there investment is safe. Investors will be able to have fun and relax. Investors can visit the website and enter the 3D Plaza and interact with other investors, as well as enter various stores, crypto bank and arcade. There will also be a cinema and an arena for live events. We also will be collaborating with other legit projects to be accessed from the Plaza. The bigger picture and future is to build apartments above the stores. Investors will be able to purchase and design their own apartment and access the utility from there. There will be three memberships for investors that hold a certain amount of UTPZ and there will be benefits for each grade of membership.

$ 0.000000000000113326

$ 20,113


February 15, 2022