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Unity of Hearts UHT

Dear brothers and sisters, welcome to the Unity of Hearts cryptocurrency company! 🙏 TOKENOMICS: Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain Token Name: Unity of Hearts Token Symbol: UHT Token Decimals: 9 Token Supply: 1000,000,000 10% for Charitable Foundation 10% for Foundation for exploration of Souls and the Spiritual World 10% for advertising and listings on exchanges 70% for fair launch on the PancakeSwap 6% every transaction fee: 2% burns forever 2% for holders 2% for marketing                              IDEALS: 1. We love the Creator of everything in the Universe! 2. We love ourselves and all that exists in the Universe! 3. We thank the Creator for Life and Love! 4. We are one in soul, mind and body! 5. In Unity our Love and strength! 6. In Love our perfection! 7. In perfection our eternity! 🙏 Blessed is the Creator of the Universe 🙏 Blessed are all the creatures of the Creator🙏 We come to Earth for our spiritual development ☀️ The goal of the company is to unite people in a spirit of love and knowledge for development our souls 🙏 The company will be involved in charity and funding explorations of souls and the Spiritual World. The Unity of Hearts (UHT) token is intended for purchases and sales of goods and services in the material world.

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March 5, 2022