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Unique Glasses Token UGLS

Unique Glasses is an NFT brand that creates completely unique series of NFT items. Each NFT produced by Unique Glasses is distinct and each one of them is part of a full series. UGLS token is designed to support the Unique Glasses project. Thanks to its tokenomics it will help both the holders and the NFT brand to grow. There are new cool ideas that will come associated with UGLS and the NFTs. Both the token and the NFT brand are the core of the Unique Glasses project. 👓 Tokenomics 💰 100% Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 UGLS 🔥 40% BURNT 🛒 22% PRESALES 🥞 22% PANCAKESWAP LIQUIDITY (LOCKED 1YEAR) 🌟 6% DEV WALLET (LOCKED 3MONTH) 🌟 5% MARKETING WALLET (3% LOCKED 1WEEK) 🌟 2.6% COMMUNITY WALLET 🌟 2% FOUNDERS WALLET 💵 0.4% DXSALES PRESALE FEE Why dev wallet? Needed to pay full-stack developers, designers and community manager. Currently, we have a good team but we think that we will need to grow more in the next 3 months, so this is the reason for the locked 3 months. Why marketing wallet? Easy, do marketing! :) We need the first 2% to do early marketing and the other 3% to do more marketing the next week after launch. Why community wallet? Giveaway, Giveaway, Giveaway, Giveaway and holders rewards! Why founders wallet? This project is amazing but even the founders need some motivation Every UGLS transaction produces: * 5% add liquidity * 4% reflected back to holders (automatic burn: burn address is a holder) * 1% dev wallet * 1% marketing wallet




July 5, 2021

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