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Ukraine Solidarity UKRSOLID

Support Ukraine and Ukrainians while still investing in yourself. An opportunity to do both! Let's work together to mitigate the consequences of this war as a community! A utility token UKRSOLID is the first step in the UKRSOLID foundation ecosystem. We invite you to take the first step with us. KEY FEATURES: ✅ Unruggable 100 % of the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap was locked on TrustSwap ✅ Audited According to the audit, the contract source code has LOW RISK SEVERITY. Full report available on InterFi Network ✅ Fair launch No hidden tokens for the team. All of the available tokens were used for the liquidity pool and the special charity wallet ✅ Anti-whale Maximum allowed amount per one wallet is 5 % (12.5 Trillion) tokens to prevent whales from significantly dropping the price ✅ Decentralized UKRSOLID token is community driven and managed by volunteers

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$ 14,120


April 4, 2022