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Troy Inu TROY

TROY INU is the original MEME token for the exclusive digital art NFT platform TROY Nft Marketplace. The platform hosts digital artists from all over the world and offers its community the opportunity to score NFTs by staking their TROY tokens. As a utility of exchange the user can access a swap known as TROY SWAP which is used to print the NFT of their choice in the future. TROY SWAP can also be used to exchange Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. About TROY INU is a MEME token that has the character of a true invincible fighter, started out as a deep rooted, community-led project that quickly grew in popularity at the end of DeFi Summer '2022. TROY INU is the place for a resurgence in digital arts, largely in part from the enthusiastic community that formed around the project, educating participants in the crypto space about NFT. The project continues to thrive today with TROY NFT's ORIGINAL collection and going forward taking the work of world renowned artists and growing a collection of exciting collections that are rising on the platform every week.

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June 22, 2022


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