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Tokenomics X has a dedicated team thats sole purpose is to make the BSC space a safer place. We are offering a KYC service for developers to use to help investors gain trust in their projects. We will have an in depth KYC unlike anything else on the market to help protect investors. If the Devs rug or abandon their project, we will have an agreement where we can turn their information over to the public and authorities to take the proper steps for legal justice. 50% of the funds from this KYC business will flow back into the buyback wallet for Tokenomics X for higher buy backs and higher price floors. The other 50% will be paid to the devs, so the devs will never have to sell on the chart to make money. I have owned multiple successful businesses in the United States, ands this will be my next. Come join us and help make the space a safer place!

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January 5, 2022

Tokenomics X