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✔️ Saving you the Search TokenHunter searches and rates each new token added the Smart Chain. ✔️ Expansion TokenHunter will allow you to search beyond just the Smart Chain, including Ethereum based tokens and many more. ✔️ Quick Rising Tokens TokenHunter will show you Tokens that have had a sudden rise or are gaining momentum. ✔️ Manage your Tokens TokenHunter will allow you to track all your current tokens and their current worth. ✔️ Funding Developing an app of this scale requires a funding. To fund the development we are bypassing traditional methods and raising money through the token. ✔️ Rewards By investing in TokenHunter you will be able to be part of the development process. You will gain access to the beta app and you have the opportunity to buy/sell the token.

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June 28, 2021


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