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The Troller Coin TROLLER 20

Elon The Troller is The Father of ll Meme Coins 🔵 The First NFT Competition Platform & The First Art Blockchain Fashion. 🔵 We will be bridging the gap between Brands & Artists but also transforming Artists into Brands ! YEAH SOME CRAZY SHIT 🔥 🔵 We have achieved some great miles stones, signing 10 partnerships already and more are on the way, like on boarding the biggest Social media influencers, to name but a few. 🔵 TOP 15 Social Media Influencers Joined the Troller Ambassadors with Millions of Followers💯 🔵 We have prepared the Biggest Marketing plan in History and we are not stopping till THE TROLLER is Trending Worldwide 😁 📣📣📣Let’s go TROLLERS♨️ We need 100,000 Members before the Presale . 🔎_Important Links:_ 🔸Troller Team: www.thetrollerart.com/about.html 🔸Troller Whitepaper: www.thetrollerart.com/assets/file/whitepaper.pdf 🔸Troller Roadmap: www.thetrollerart.com/roadmap.html 🔸Troller Competition: www.thetrollerart.com/competition.html 🔸Troller Museum: www.thetrollerart.com/museum.html 🔸Troller Sponsors: www.thetrollerart.com/sponsors.html 🔸Troller Tokenomics: www.thetrollerart.com/tokenomics.html 📝 _Important Notes_ *We booked 5 Big Blockchain Events, from Dubai to New York to Germany. *Liquidity will be locked forever . Yes. Forever *We have uniqueness of everything from Website to Tokenomics, you name it. *The target is Shiba inu Marketcap thats 4000x



October 10, 2021