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The Space Cowboys SPACECOWS

🤠The Space Cowboys 🤠 Needs Your Help The Space Cowboys will also be hosting weekly Rodeos. All cowboys will come together and submit a form nominating someone in the Twitch community(Can be anyone, doesn't matter if its a gamer, musician, vlogger, irl, etc.) We will then initiate what we like to call "The Getdown." (This will be when we all join the streamers channel "raiding" them) and "The Sheriff" will make a donation on behalf of "The Space Cowboys" (Multiple people will be raided that night) The more SPACECOWS you have, the bigger the Cowboy. The real question is are you an outlaw too? Cowboys earn passive rewards through static reflection(which means something fancy, we think) but simply means when you hold your SPACECOWS you will receive more cows wandering into your ranch. Well shit, isn't that cool? 5% Cowboy Tax 5% Liquidity Tax 🚀*Big marketing planned! 📖 *Audit and white paper coming soon. 💰 *Charity directly back to the community. *DOXX Dev Slippage 12%

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May 26, 2021


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