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The New Tag TNT

We have identified a gap-in-the-market for a huge cross-game skins library. We are creating this and because it will be open to the public we are linking every skin sold on the marketplace to an NFT to verify legitimacy and ownership. The same way influencers etc sell merch in the real world, we want them to sell digital merch (skins) on our platform, they can rest assured knowing that no one can copy them because NFTs will prove which skin is the legitimate one. Our marketplace will be available across third party games (made possible by the Bridge Protocol - see our website for further information) and our own line of games. We want to really bring utility to our coin and want to make a game that's worth investing time into so you will be able to earn our tokens in our games, save them up, spend them on more skins or sell them for fiat. Our proposed reward system and access to a huge library of skins are our USP when it comes to our games. Led by doxxed team who are also a registered company in the UK (13417860).

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June 15, 2021


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