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The Great Crypto Lottery GCL

The Great Crypto Lottery is a global lottery technology platform, it executes fully automatically based on Txn Hash. Extraction of Txn Hash will be carried out by a special software for lotteries. The first edition of The Great Crypto Lottery token have a supply of 1.000.000 will be created shortly on Binance Smart Chain; each transaction you can purchase a maximum amount of 0.006 BNB for transection; the Txn Hash will be the unique code of your ticket that will entitle you to participate in the final draw, where 1000* lucky Txn Hash winners will be drawn randomly thanks to our software. . To participate in our lottery you will need to buy $GCL on our website. You can only buy 0.006 BNB of $GCL, each transaction will have a Txn Hash that matches your lucky ticket, you can view this on the BSCscan website. The ICO supply is 995.000 $GCL will be available for purchase at the end of ICO we will mint 5.000 $GCL that will be given away to the lucky participants during the AirDrop that start at 15/12/2021. . The ICO phase will start on 25/12/2021 at the end of the AirDrop, purchase will be possible until 30/01/2022 and unsold tokens will be burned. A higher number of sales corresponds to a higher amount of final prizes. On 02/02/2022, 1000 Txn Hash will be drawn from the BSCscan, the prizes will be sent in BUSD on the wallets of all the lucky winners, no later than 20/01/2022. .

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December 15, 2021