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TerraMax TMAX

TerraMax is the world’s first fractional - algorithmic, TMAX⚡️ The TMAX Protocol introduced the world to the concept of a cryptocurrency being partially backed by collateral and partially stabilized algorithmically. Organize, discover and verify anything - from physical to digital assets like supply chain items to Art, Diplomas, Certificates, NFTs, DeFi and more.The Decentralized Knowledge Graph allows the worlds’ data assets to be structured, linked, persistent and understandable. ✅ Core Team full doxxed ✅ Audit in progress (Solidproof) ✅ Smart Contract Code Verified 🔒 Locked LP Pool 🔥 100% BURNED 🚀Presale start date: Dec 5, 2021 🚀Launch date: Dec 27, 2021 💰 Refer to get BNB + TMAX Reward

$ 0.000184236

$ 2,764


December 27, 2021


Honeypot scan

Unlocked liquidity 100%

Verified code

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