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Technology Art A86

In the Blockchain technology industry, NFT has been increasingly focused and developed rapidly in recent times. Capturing market trends we launch A86 – a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks to empower artists and fans. ART TECH also creates a diverse playground combining financial and intellectual entertainment to create value for investors – artists. In addition, in the A86 market, users can also exchange their works and products through the form of auction, thereby creating a strong investment – art – intellectual community. Voting In today’s hybrid working environment, bringing 4.0 technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into many areas of socio-political life, online voting is also gradually improving and making progress in many countries around the world. Thanks to encryption and decentralization, blockchain’s database of transactions is incorruptible, and each record is easily verifiable. It’s not only financial transactions that work with blockchain, but any type of data transmission. This kind of system infrastructure is extremely useful for voting because a vote is a small piece of high-value data. The blockchain-based voting application does not concern itself with the security of its Internet connection, because any hacker with access to the terminal will not be able to affect other nodes. Voters can effectively submit their ballots without revealing their identity or asking for any personal information. Through Blockchain voting technology it is possible to count votes with absolute certainty, knowing that each ID can be attributed to a vote, no fakes can be created, and that tampering is impossible. The ART TECH 86 Platform Ecosystem allows users to collectively decide on group ownership auctions.

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December 12, 2021

Art Tech 86

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