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A static liquidity protocol with a purpose. Join our fast growing community empowering creators of exclusive NFT artwork with sensual Taste! TASTE has a strong focus on being a marketplace for creators to buy and sell unique, single-edition digital artwork. The platform places a particular focus on sensual body art assets. You can buy, sell, and discover exclusive adult digital assets in two main categories: TASTEFUL and TASTELESS. The creators can show a sneak peek of their creation to everybody who owns $TASTE, but the full projects will be available after purchase. $TASTE token will be used for buying and listing NFT’s, but its capabilities will stretch far beyond that in near future. The TasteNFT Project will establish a completely decentralized NFT marketplace for the best “sensual” content available on the blockchain. In pursuit of this objective, TasteNFT will partner with the best content creators in the DeFi space to host exclusive content that is both “tasteful” and “tasteless”. This adaptable business model will not only carve out a niche for TasteNFT within the emerging NFT market, but also provide the project with a natural avenue for future growth and expansion Furthermore, the TASTE token will be fully integrated within the TasteNFT Marketplace, which will offer content creators, customers, and/or community members with a sustainable built- in “use case” for the token. The TasteNFT Marketplace will be complete and ready for launch in June 2021.

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