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Tamarin Finance TAMA

TAMARIN has adopted the value accumulation tokenomics of SAFEMOON ($4.7B Market Cap), which pioneered the concept of a token that accrues value by extracting a moderate fee from token sales and redirecting those fees back into the liquidity pool as well as a "reflect" function that sends the tokens directly back to the token holders. It's a simple concept, but proven and successful. However, TAMA aims to improve on the SAFEMOON model in 3 key ways: SAFETY, CHARITY, and SUSTAINABILITY. The TAMA developers have fixed a number of major issues in the SAFEMOON code raised by independent auditors (Certik), and have also added some additional important guardrails to protect token holders. Tokenomics 📚 TOKENOMICS: 📌 37% BURN 📌 2% BURNED TO TIME (10yr timelock to 📌 3% BURNED TO TIME (25yr timelock to 📌 5% BURNED TO TIME (50yr timelock to 📌 0.25% Marketing/Discretionary 📌 0.75% dev TIMELOCKED (1 YR) 📌 1% dev TIMELOCKED (2 YR) 📌 2% to 4/5 multisig charity wallet 📌 ~49% to DXSale, remaining burnt 🔥 📍 PCS and Launch price are virtually the same: 🔥 PCS: 474000000000.0000 🔥 Presale: 475000000000.0000 🔥 1.5BNB limit to prevent whales Read more on:

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May 18, 2021

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