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SuperWhale WAROO

SuperWhale $WAROO TOKEN 🐳 - PreSale Launching Today Monday 4th October 🚀 $WAROO is a token with the first ever autonomous perpetual buyback system (“PBS”). A novel technology that automatically creates buy support every time there is a sell. In the Queen’s English, the PBS or “Super Whale” limits any “whale” investor from tanking the market price of $WAROO with a huge sell off — like on a random Tuesday when Elon Musk decides he no longer loves Doge Coin and sells off his entire 2.5 million doge holdings, which would immediately tank the price. Our Super Whale PBS technology limits the tanking by creating a proportional buy. How the Perpetual Buyback System ("PBS") works: ✅ - 5% of each buy and 7% of each sell is stored into the Super Whale wallet, our hero. ✅ - Each time a sell occurs, 10% of the total order is automatically issued as a buy order. This is the PBS. ✅ - The tokens purchased from the PBS are then immediately burned. ✅ - Checks and balances are in place to ensure that the Super Whale wallet will never reach a zero balance. Theoretically, the wallet should always be at least 10% of the total tokens outstanding i.e. the Super Whale wallet can never be depleted.

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October 5, 2021


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