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SuperPower USA USA

🇺🇸 WhoIsTheSuperPower x 谁是世界霸主 🇨🇳 2 Tokens, 1 Winner! War is not an option! Time for the REAL SuperPower to stand-up in the name of peace. 1% of the token buy/sell tax will be donated to the respective Red Cross association. We are curious of who is the current SuperPower of the world? USA or China? All can argue BUT numbers never lie! Our project "Who is The SuperPower" has one very simple objective- to have a friendly competition between USA and China! CHINA TOKEN VS USA TOKEN 🇨🇳 🤜🏻🤛🏻 🇺🇸 🚀Supply: 100,000,000 ✨Liquidity: 5% ✨BUSD Rewards: 4% ✨Charity Wallet: 1% 🔐Token Lock: 6 months ✅ KYC & Audit Done Both tokens have same tokenomic

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March 18, 2022