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Super Shiba SSHIBA

Super Shiba is protecting new and avid investors against smart contract and crypto villains, with its revolutionary SafeDEX! Our exchange acts as a launch pad for new, safe, scam free, moonshot potential GEMS. We also have Farming and Pooling working great along side the exchanges government token $TREATS. Website is getting a compelte redesign as we speak. Video game trailer live! Super Shiba is proud to announce in less then 2 weeks our partners at MEME LORDS will be releasing there new online RPG game exclusive to Super Shiba holders! Be ready for the ICO! CMC imminent. Lottery is live and working functionally! The telegram community is growing and is active at all hours. MEME NFT Marketplace is very close to being on the SafeDEX so stay tuned! Thank you for helping the Super Shiba community grow!

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May 16, 2021